Trail of Adventure 19

Riverland Baptist Church's Annual

Trail of Adventure

October 31st | 6:30-8:30pm

The Trail of Adventure is a safe, family-friendly/orientated trail of booths. Each booth has a different theme to enjoy. The children and adults alike have fun walking through and recognizing characters from their favorite Bible stories, cartoons, movies, and time periods while receiving candy from each stop. The booths are all 100% innocent in nature and do not have any scary themes. There are also game booths where there will be opportunities to win more candy and prizes.

There will be a bounce house and hayride as well at the end of the trail. The trail itself (along with the hayride and bounce house) is free but there will be hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, drinks, etc for sale (cash only).

The trail is completely fenced in and will have security for the safety of our workers and guests!

Our goal is for your family to have a safe place to take your children Trick-or-Treating. We hope everyone will have a blast! Please call the church office with any questions (352) 489-6171. 


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