School Supplies

Required School Supplies

Each student must have his/her school supplies by the end of the first week of school.


Kind James Version Bible Scissors
Pencils Glue Sticks
Wide Erasers and Eraser Tops Watercolor Paint Set
Crayons - 2 packs (24 count)  Kleenex
Colored Pencils Pack of Copy Paper - white
Markers Paper towels
Supply Box


First - Sixth Grade

Kind James Version Bible Wide Erasers and Eraser Tops
Pencils Construction Paper
Supply Box (Plastic shoe box tote) Scissors
Glue Sicks Pack of Copy Paper - white
Kleenex Watercolor Paint Set
Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils Headphones
Blue Ballpoint Pens Paper Towels


Seventh - Twelfth Grade

King James Version Bible Blue Ballpoint Pens
Kleenex Calculator, regular (7-8)
Pencils Graph Paper
Compass (8-12) Scientific Calculator (9-12)
Protractor (8-12) Subject Notebooks
Headphones Pack of Copy Paper - white
Flash Drive Index Cards



Some Supplies are kept on hand for emergencies. If your student needs an item, and we have it, we will issue it and place this on the parent's monthly statement.
This is for emergencies; please do not consider the office a regular supplier.
Borrowing items from another student is discouraged. Please replace supplies as soon as possible and obtain the supplies you need.