Meet our Pastor

Pastor Rex Carringer was born in Georgia, but was raised here in Florida. He accepted Christ as his Saviour when he was 19 years old. He answered the call to preach at the age of 21. In June of 1992 he married Ms. Christy Riggs, daughter of Pastor Glenn Riggs pastor of Starlight Baptist Church in Winter Springs, FL. Pastor Rex pastored his first church at the age of 24 in Apopka, Florida. He became the pastor of Riverland in November of 1997 when the Lord called he and his family to Dunnellon. He and his wife have four children: Nicole, Keith, Kurt, and Luke; and a son-in-law Nathan Pitts and their first grandchild on the way.

Pastor Carringer is in his 19th year as pastor of Riverland. The church is continuing to grow and many are being saved and baptized under the preaching of God's Word.









Pastor's Family

Left to Right: Kurt, Pastor, Mrs. Christy, Luke, Keith, Nicole, and Nate